What to Wear to the Golf Course: Proper Attire

What you wear to play a round of golf will depend on where you go. The more exclusive the club you go to, the more restrictive the dress code will be. Some clubs will only allow certain types of shoes, for instance, while others will only allow certain colors to be worn. It is well worth your time to know the rules of your club before you even load your clubs to avoid either looking foolish or being turned away for having on improper attire. For the public courses, the dress codes are usually a little more lenient.

In the old days, the uniform of the golfer was stiff and itchy wool, year round, with very little breathability and ease of movement. And, back then, it was even worse for the few women that played the game; they were forced to wear full skirts, blouses right up to their chins and big hats. No wonder golf took so long to catch on with the general public! Now, there are better materials, with better breathability and comfort. Closer cut clothing allows for better range of movement, and better overall swing.

Golf can be expensive enough without adding the clothing into the mix. Do not get caught up in dressing a certain way if it is really not necessary to do so. If there is not a rule in place forcing you to do so, do not feel compelled to buy a lot of “golf pants” or other related wear. Pay attention to the other golfers and get a general idea of what everybody is wearing. This will give you an idea of what is acceptable and standard at this course. Wear the clothing that fits your body, your budget and your personal tastes. Keep in mind several things however:

1) Cotton is one of the best materials for summer month play. It is breathable, soft and will protect against chafing, while allowing for sweat evaporation.

2) Lighter colors reflect more of the sun’s light, thus keeping you cooler as well.

3) If you can afford it, there are tops that are treated to block the sun’s rays as well as to discourage flying pests.

4) Keep fit in mind as well: too tight and you will not be comfortable, and risk skin breakdown. Too loose and you might impede your own play.

Wear what looks good, fits well and makes you feel like a golfer.