Buy Golf Clubs Online

buy golf clubs onlinMany people ask me whether it is a good idea to buy their new set of clubs online, rather than through the local pro shop.

My answer… it depends!

It depends on whether you already know what kind of club suits you as in shaft length and flex, shaft material, etc.

If you are happy with those choices then choosing to buy buy golf clubs onlin can save you a lot of money, and can often give you a far wider choice than you can find locally.

But if you have no idea what suits you then it is a definite recommendation that you visit your local pro shop and ask their advice, and possibly get them to fit you for a set of new clubs.

Just be aware that not all pro shops are built equal, and not all online stores offer a good deal.

Take a look at some of our recommendations below. I have no hesitation in suggesting that you use Amazon for your purchases as their range is second to none, and their after sales service has always been good for me.