Golf Etiquette: Good Manners Equals Good Golf

When you think about it, golf is one of the most well -mannered sporting activities in the world. No one is ever going to see Tiger Woods hip check one of his opponents on the fifth hole. Greg Norman in all probability never ran after someone with his club held above his head. No one gets called any form of body part or farm animal just as they bend their head to tee up. The sport is calm, very nearly tranquil, devoid of the finger pointing, name calling or chair swinging of other activities. Even for the beginning golfer, learning golf etiquette is definitely as important as learning the other rules and scoring is.

One of the most straightforward etiquette rules begins before you even tee up that very first shot. Find out about the dress code of the course that you are playing at, and strive to adhere to it as closely as possible. Make certain that you understand what category of shoes you should be wearing, cleated or not. If you are using a golf buggy, make certain that you park far enough away that you will not block other golfers, or better yet, walk the course.  Next, you should understand that for the duration of each player’s tee shot, there is no discussion to allow for supreme focus.  Never stand in someone’s line of vision, and leave your cell phone at the clubhouse or set it to vibrate.

Golf Etiquette, Does It Matter

Pay attention to the game, even when it is not your turn, and be ready to play once it is your shot. No one wants to have to continue reminding an adult that it is their shot, nor do they want to stand around and wait while you get yourself situated and ready to play. You should be lining up your next shot, going over what you would like to do before you ever stroll up to the tee.
Know who will go first, and the succeeding order thereafter for each hole. In most cases, the first player on the next hole is the one who had the lowest score on the preceding one. Of course, if there is a tie, then whoever had the lowest on the previous hole to that one is first.

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Make certain that you know where every person is, including all others who might be situated on the course close to you. Not only do you have to understand where your own group is, take a glance around before rearing back and taking your shot. In addition be aware of the speed with which your group is playing. Are the folks following you ready to declare war on you? If you are playing at a slightly slower speed than the group behind you, invite them to move in front and play through to avoid holding them up unduly. In the same respect, if you find that you are following a slower group, and they have not invited you to go through, then you should remain calm and polite without any semblance of trying to rush or hurry them.

And in conclusion, do not tear up the course without making an attempt at repairing the divots. Do not leave rubbish behind, nor allow any member of your group to do so. Be a conscientious golfer.

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