Golf Exercises: Keeping Yourself Fit So That You Can Play

Golf Exercises – Why Do Them?

You buy the finest clubs, custom sized to fit your frame and swing style. You have an Italian leather golf bag, and always wear the latest golf fashions. Every holiday, birthday and other gift giving occasion is a time for your family to buy you some golf related accessory or doodad, but what about the most important part of your golf game? Of course, that is your own body and golf exercises. The best clubs, tees and clothes will do you no good at all if you are not healthy enough to pick your golf bag up and get out the door.

and consider sticking to nine holes of golf until you are stronger and in better shape.

What Golf Exercises Are Needed?

So, what golf exercises should you perform to not only keep you healthy and strong, but to help with your golf game as well? Keep in mind the main muscle groups worked during a round of golf and that will give you a basic idea. Also plan to do golf exercises to build your stamina/endurance, as well as to strengthen your cardiovascular system as well. You are already well aware that there is a lot of walking involved in a golf game- so start there. Make sure that you are logging time either on the treadmill or better yet, in the fresh air of nature. Aim No matter what kind of golfer you are, from beginner to advance, you must be physically fit to play. Of course, that is true no matter what sport you play. Golf can be a major danger to your shoulders, hips and lower back if you are improperly conditioned. Make sure that you are physically ready to head out for the course,to work yourself up to at least five miles per walking session, but build slowly. If you can handle a five-mile walk with relative ease, then either add distance, hills or speed to the walk. Keeping your heart strong is very important.

Strength training is important as well, not only to keep your weight down, (muscle has a higher metabolism than fat) but also to protect the body parts that you use during your golf game. You know that you use your shoulder and other upper body muscles during your swing, but your core and leg muscles come into play as well. Do not focus just on your upper body; you need to work every muscle group in your body to keep yourself in good golfing condition. Do not automatically assume that you need to need to heft super heavy weights to properly work your muscle groups, some of the smaller working muscles can become nicely conditioned with lower weights, lifted at higher reps.

Along with cardio and strength work, you must make sure to work your abdominal muscles as well. Your core gives you balance and stabilization during your stance, your swing and your follow through. A strong, well-toned core will also protect your lower back from injury.

Finally, consider adding stretching and flexibility exercises to your golf exercises fitness routine. Stretching will warm your muscles up before golfing, and can be used to release any tension and built up lactic acid in your muscles after your round is complete. Flexible muscles are less prone to overstretching and injury and will also help with stability and movement.

Golf Exercises Are Vital If You Want To Improve Your Game!